Friday, July 5, 2013

FBF's Burning Question of the Week with......Larry Garner

This week, Friday Blues Fix introduces a new topic that we hope everyone will enjoy.  We're calling it The Burning Question of the Week.  Our first subject is FBF favorite, Larry Garner. A few weeks ago, we were listening to one of Garner's albums, and since Garner is one of the best songwriters in the blues right now, there was a burning question that crossed our minds.  Since Mr. Garner has always been more than willing to sit down with FBF in the past (go here and here), we shot the question his way and he was gracious enough to give us a reply.  So, without further ado, here we go.....

FBF's Burning Question of the Week:  You're given the opportunity to do an album of nothing but cover tunes.  Which songs would you choose to do? 

Larry Garner:  "Yeah, that's a thought that's traveled through my mind for some time....I would like to do..."

"Hoodoo Party," by Tabby Thomas

"Hound Dog Man," by Lonnie Mack

"As Long As I Can See The Light," by Creedance Clearwater Revival

"Boogie Train," by T-Bone Singleton (Click on song title for clip).....

"When The Fat Lady Sings," by the Norman Beaker Band

"Option On You Baby," by the Norman Beaker Band

"A Little Good News," by Anne Murray

"Just Like Dynamite," by Roomful of Blues

"Chain Gang," by Sam Cooke

"Let Me Be Your Hatchet," by Silas Hogan

"Rock This House," by Tabby Thomas

"Rocky Mountains," by Clarence Edwards

So there you have it.....all in all, not a bad list of songs at all.  I would definitely be listening.  I love the swamp blues sound that Garner grew up with, and there's plenty here with tracks from Tabby Thomas, Clarence Edwards, Silas Hogan, and T-Bone Singleton.  There's a nice mix of old favorites from different genres that helped influence his sound and his songwriting (Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang," CCR's swampy "As Long As I Can See The Light," and Anne Murray's pensive "A Little Good News," actually sounds like a Garner composition).  Finally, there's good old traditional blues favorites from Garner's touring partner, Norman Beaker, Roomful of Blues, and Lonnie Mack.

Garner has mixed in the occasional cover on his previous releases with excellent results, so I would love to hear his take on some of these songs.

Many thanks to Larry Garner for taking the time to answer our Burning Question.  Hopefully, if you like this topic, we will revisit it again with a different question for a different artist in the near future.  In the meantime, take a few minutes to check out Larry's awesome body of work.  You will not be disappointed.

Here's Garner's tour schedule for the next several months, U.S. and European dates.  Be sure and catch him live if you're anywhere near these locations.

August 23, Blues Tavern - Mobile, AL  
August 24, Bradfordville Blues Club - Tallahassee, FL  
August 25, Oyster Bar - Montgomery, AL       
September 5, Brackin's Blues Club - Maryville, TN  
September 6, Blue 5 - Roanoke, VA   
September 7, Charlie's Place - Pomeroy, OH
September 27, Jazzclub - Bieldfeld, Germany
September 28, Steinbruch - Duisburg, Germany

October 1, Bunter Vogel - Münster, Germany
October 2, Downtown Blues Club - Hamburg, Germany
October 3, Denmark / Blueskartellet Horsens
October 4, Denmark / Kattrup Forsamlingshus
October 5, Denmark / B`Sharp Silkeborg
October 7, Alte Heuwaage - Gütersloh, Germany
October 9, Grand Jam Ökologiestation - Bergkamen, Germany
October 10, Grand Jam Blue Note - Osnabrück, Germany
October 12, Nuit Du Blues - Arras, France
October 15, Salle d'Imiere - Argenteuil, France
October 16, Dud Des Lombards - Paris, France
October 17, La Bouche d'Air - Nantes, France
October 18, Beaumont En Verron
October 24, Burgerhaus - Dudenhofen, Germany
October 25, Charivari - Ulm, Germany
October 26, Festhall Durlach - Karlsruhe, Germany
October 31, Kuly Bahnhof - Gifhorn, Germany

November 1, TSBW - Husum, Germany
November 2, Bischofsmuhle - Hildesheim, Germany
November 6, Kulturbesen - Schramberg, Germany
November 7, Lab - Stuttgart, Germany
November 8, Z7 Galerie - Pratteln, Switzerland
November 9, Baden Baden, Germany
November 14, Lucerne Blues Festival