Friday, December 4, 2015

Too Many Irons in the Fire

It happens every once in a while to everybody:  you get too many things going on at one time and so something has to be set to the side for a bit.  Well, that's what is happening this week at FBF.  Your humble correspondent is burning the candle at both ends.....getting ready for the holidays, doing some unexpected traveling, trying to do end-of-the-year stuff at work, and catching up with the stack of CDs that need to be reviewed for the upcoming December issue of Blues Bytes.....all while battling a nasty cold.  Therefore, Friday Blues Fix is taking the week off.  

Sorry to disappoint our regular visitors, but while you here we invite you to check out some of our earlier posts to see what you might have missed.  There will be something new of interest for you when we return next week.

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